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TMJ Disorder

When the joint connecting the jaw bone to the rest of your skull stops functioning properly, it can cause chronic pain and even cause your jaw to lock up. Always Gentle Dentistry, PLC will work with you to identify the causes of your TMJ problems and find the right solution for you. We also offer laser pain therapy to help you manage your jaw pain while treating its cause.

If you experience any of these symptoms, call today to schedule a consultation:

  • Chronic headaches
  • Neck or shoulder pain
  • A clicking or popping sound when you open or close your mouth
  • Limits to your jaw’s range of motion
  • TMJ Treatments in Dearborn, MI
    One of the chief causes of TMJ pain is bruxism, or habitual teeth grinding and/or clenching. While bruxism can have a big impact on your teeth and cause a great deal of discomfort, it can also be relatively simple to treat. We offer special nightguards to keep you from grinding or clenching your teeth at night, which is when this habit often occurs. Putting a stop to bruxism will help you preserve your teeth and may end your jaw pain as well.
  • End Your Chronic Jaw Pain Now and for Good

    Occlusal Adjustment

    If bruxism is causing your jaw pain, a more permanent but still simple solution is an occlusal adjustment. By this process, Dr. Delitha Taylor will subtly change the biting surfaces of your teeth so that they meet together properly. As a result of this simple correction, teeth grinding becomes a much less natural motion.

    Laser Pain Therapy

    f you are suffering from jaw pain, it is important to see someone who can offer a long-term solution and effectively manage your pain now. Dr. Taylor has the advanced skill and expertise to provide both. Not only do we treat the causes of TMJ pain to manage the condition over time, but we also use laser therapy to ease your pain now.

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