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How Can I Straighten My Teeth?

78 percent of Americans associate crooked teeth with a lack of professional success.* Orthodontic advancements, including Fastbraces®, allow us to treat a number of alignment issues in months, instead of years. If you are unhappy with your crooked teeth or want to change the way others see you, we have a variety of options that can improve your life.

Dr. Delitha Taylor offers a variety of orthodontic treatments in Dearborn Heights, MI for both children and adults. Schedule a consultation to see which options best fit your life:

  • Traditional Braces: Straighten teeth with brackets and wires
  • Fastbraces®: Similar to traditional braces – but takes months, not years
  • ClearCorrect™: Invisible braces, using transparent aligners
  • Invisalign®: Invisible braces, using clear, removable aligners
  • Invisible Braces
    At Always Gentle Dentistry, PLC, we understand the importance of your appearance. Not everyone is able to spend months or years with a noticeably altered smile in order to straighten their teeth. In addition to traditional braces and Fastbraces®, we offer ClearCorrect™ and Invisalign®. These teeth-straightening systems use transparent aligners rather than a system of brackets and wires. Dr. Taylor is able to use these versatile tools to treat a number of different alignment issues. To see if you are a candidate for ClearCorrect™ or Invisalign®, schedule your consultation today.
  • How Long Will It Take?
    Every case is different, and we have a variety of orthodontic systems with varying results and timeframes, including Fastbraces® and Invisalign®. Traditional braces typically take two to three years, but today’s technology can treat a number of cases in just a few months. During your consultation, Dr. Taylor will give you an expected timeline.
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Always Gentle Dentistry, PLC offers advanced dental services while treating patients with care and respect. We are proud to serve Dearborn Heights, MI with exceptional dental care. To schedule your personalized consultation with Dr. Delitha Taylor, contact our office today.

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